Linking to other galleries

You can insert the links to the example galleries in other projects using the linkgalleries directive. This will insert all the thumbnails and the titles of the examples in a list. You can find an example below.

.. linkgalleries::

Insert links to other example galleries generated with the sphinx-nbexamples extension.

The directive takes no arguments and the options are the same as for the figure directive. By default, we use a width of 160px and the align parameter is set to 'left'.

Each line of the content for this package must be the name of a package as it is registered in the intersphinx_mapping configuration value by the sphinx.ext.intersphinx extension. Optionally you can also provide the folder for the examples.


This directive only works well for examples that have a thumbnail associated with them, i.e. not with code examples (see Choosing the thumbnail).


To insert links to the examples of the sphinx-nbexamples gallery you can either use

.. linkgalleries::


or more explicit

.. linkgalleries::

    sphinx_nbexamples examples